Santorini, the volcanic island with a huge variety of wines.

When you drive around Santorini all you can see is vineyards!

It is impossible to visit Santorini without visiting one of the many wineries for a wine tasting.

One of our favourites is the family owned and run Venetsanos Winery, it is one of the oldest wineries in Santorini, located just a few minutes drive from Fira town. On arriving, the first thing you will notice is the magnificent view over the Caldera and Aegean Sea. Venetsanos Winery offers you the amazing opportunity to taste wonderful wines while watching the famous Santorini sunset over the Caldera.

The staff (many of which are family members) are very friendly and knowledgeable about the different wines, and they will ensure that you will enjoy your wine tasting experience at Venetsanos Winery. Unlike other wineries, Venetsanos offers 5 glasses of wine per person: Two white, two red and the last one is the world famous Vinsanto wine which is a very rich, sweet wine. The wines come with some complimentary nibbles: local tomato paste, bread sticks and olives.

There is an option to order a cheese, meat or fish platter at an extra charge.

At Venetsanos Winery the whole wine tasting experience is very personal. Each glass of wine is served separately from the bottle by a wine waiter, while explaining the details and origin of the wine he is serving you. You are then invited to taste the wine, while he asks you questions about taste and aroma.

Tasting the wine with your own personal waiter answering any questions you have, makes the wine tasting experience at Venetsanos Winery unique.

After the wine tasting, you have the opportunity to go on a complimentary tour of the winery, where they will explain the history of the winery, how it was built and how wine production has changed over the years. At the end of the tour you visit the little on-site shop where you can buy some wine and other souvenirs.

Wine Tasting Prices at Venetsanos start from 15€ for 5 glasses of wine per person with a local tomato paste dip and bread sticks. This also includes the winery tour. Food platters start from 15€.

Venetsanos Winery is open from 16th January – 15th December.
Opening Hours:   9am – 3pm (January, February, March, November and December)
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (April and October)
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (May until September)

Useful Tip: If you visit Venetsanos Winery early or late in the season, take a hoodie or jacket to keep you warm as it is quite exposed to the wind and it can be a bit chilly, especially once the sun has gone down.


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