Santos winery is probably the biggest and most famous winery in Santorini.

You have probably heard of, seen or even tasted Santos wines as they can be found all over Greece and in many countries around Europe.

Upon arrival at Santos winery, the first thing that will surprise you is its size. There are various terraces and platforms with seating areas looking over the famous Caldera, where you can relax and enjoy the sunset while tasting some really good wines.

Santos offer 3 different tasting options to choose from: 6 glasses, 12 glasses or 18 glasses. With the wines you receive some complimentary nibbles in the form of cheese, local tomato paste, fava (pureed lentils), olives and bread rusk. All these make the wine tasting experience even better!

Useful Tip We suggest you order the 12 glass option, and share each glass of wine, rather than order one each. That way you will taste an excellent range of wines, and remember it the next day!

We chose the 18 glass option, and found it was too much for 2 people.

santos winery wine tasting tray backpacks and postcards travel blog

All the glasses of wine are delivered to your table at the same time on a tray with a small leaflet explaining which wine is which, and a little explanation about each one.

Useful Tip: Keep the glasses in the same order that they arrive in so that you know which wine you are tasting according to the leaflet.

Santos Winery has a magnificent view of the caldera and the sunset.

santos winery wine tasting sunset backpacks and postcards travel blog

Having the opportunity to taste so many different wines sounds really good in the beginning, but after the first few you start mixing the flavours of the wines, and they all start to taste the same. We still enjoyed our wine tasting experience at Santos Winery, but next time we will choose the 6 or 12 glass option.

Wine Tasting Prices at Santos start from approx. 38€ for 6 glasses of wine per person, 46€ for 12 glasses of wine per person, and 55€ for 18 glasses of wine per person, accompanied by a local tomato paste dip, Greek cheese, Greek olives, fava and barley rusks.

Santos Winery is open all year round.
Summer Opening Hours are: 9am – 11pm
Winter Opening Hours are: 10am – 10pm


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