Sant’Angelo & Maronti Beach – A Day By The Sea in Late September 2017.

St Angelo is a bit more exclusive and expensive than other areas of Ischia, but well worth a visit! The bus dropped me at the square when the pedestrian area begins. If you’re not too sprightly on your feet, you can get a lift in one of the many electric “golf cart” taxis zipping up and down. The shops on the way down to the beach are very nice, (but be warned!) they have a price tag to match!

A 5 minute meander down the pathway, past shops selling everything from cold drinks to clothes and souvenirs brought me to some nice restaurants and bars. Here you can watch the many tourists wander by, or just gaze at the beautiful blue sparkly sea. A cocktail at one of these bars will cost approx 12 Euros.

A few minutes walk, and you will find yourself on the beautiful Chiaia di Rose Beach, where the sea meets you from both sides! One side of the beach is private, so you can rent a sunbed and shade, lie back and relax. This side of the beach faces the sun for most of the day. Or you can choose the other side of the beach, which is public. Here you can lay your towel down on the sand and relax with your book.

Useful Tip: There are no sunshades on the public areas of the beach, so bring your own parasol or sun hat!

From Sant’Angelo, I took a shared water taxi over to Maronti Beach for 3 Euros. The boat ride took about 5 minutes, and made a nice change from being on the bus!

Water Taxi Sant'angelo to maronti beachMaronti Beach is an extremely long (over 2 Kms) sandy beach. There are many restaurants dotted along the beach providing rental sunbeds and umbrellas, food and drinks. Many do a “set meal” special offer, which can save you money. There are also public areas on the beach where you can lay your towel down for free (without shade).

Useful Tip: the sunbeds in the first row, nearest the sea, are more expensive!

I rented a sunbed and sunshade for 5 Euros at Ristorante Da Mario. I had lunch there: a lovely plate of grilled sardines, half a litre of wine, a small limoncello and a large bottle of water cost 17 Euros. The staff were very friendly. I was hoping to meet the man himself – Mario, but discovered he is now 87 years old and only visits the restaurant at weekends. The restaurant is now run by his son Agostino, who also works very hard on the beach.

Agostino working hard at Ristorante da Mario at Maronti Beach

Walking along the beach, I saw many pieces of beautifully painted ceramic tiles. These have been blunted and weathered by the sea and sand over time, and lie discarded everywhere – inside the sea, as well as on the beach. I couldn’t help but collect a few as souvenirs, as I’m sure so many have done before me.

My collection of broken tiles found at Maronti Beach

Rather than catch the water taxi back to Sant’Angelo, I walked up the steps behind Marios Restaurant, and caught a bus back to Forio. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Maronti Beach, and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Ischia.

Useful Tip: Maronti Beach is full of mobile beach vendors selling everything from food to clothes to massages. Expect to be hassled because you will be! My advice: smile and politely say “no thank you” unless, of course you want to buy something (you might find a bargain!).


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