My boat ticket from Ischia Porto back to Naples on the Caremar Boat cost 17.60€ + 1.50€ (suitcase charge).

The journey took about 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Useful Tip: Arrive at the port at least 20 minutes before time of ferry departure!
Useful Tip: If you arrive at Ischia Porto with an hour or two to spare, and you want to have a wander around, you can leave your suitcases at a “Deposito Bagagli” (a “bag-minding” service) for a small charge. There are a few of these around the port – look out for the signs in the windows.

Deposito Bagagli - Bag Deposit (Bag Minders) at Ischia Porto

I found there were a lot of private beaches in Ischia, where I could rent a sunbed and umbrella. Included in this charge was the use of bathroom facilities, a beach shower and often, a changing cabin. Most beaches have a public area as well, but these don’t have any public facilities.

I thoroughly enjoyed my break in Ischia, and even though it was late September 2017, there were still lots of tourists around. The weather was surprisingly warm, although occasionally cloudy, during the day, so I’m glad I packed my sun cream, but once the sun went down, it became quite cool, and I was grateful that I had packed my jeans and fleece hoodie.

Prices for sunbeds, sunshades, and entry into certain attractions increase during the peak season, as do the number of tourists visiting the island. So bear that in mind when planning your trip to Ischia.


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