I visited Lacco Ameno in Late September 2017. It’s so close to Negombo and well worth the small walk to get there. You can also get there very easily by bus. It’s a vibrant little seaside town (the smallest town in Ischia) with so many wonderful restaurants, cafes and little shops selling jewellery and souvenirs.

I sat on the outside terrrace overlooking the sea and had a half litre of house wine and a very tasty “giant bruschetta” at Pub Bar Onda Blu di Calise Giulia for 13€. This was one of the few places that did not charge me an automatic cover charge (coperto).

Useful Tip: Always expect an extra charge on your bill in the form of a “coperto” (cover charge). This seems to be standard procedure in Italy, and can range from 1€ to 5€ depending on the venue.

Lacco Ameno also has a small beach where you can rent a sunbed and shade (for around 5 Euros) or just spread your towel out on the small public beach there for free.

Useful Tip: Look out for the famous Il Fungo – (the mushroom-shaped rock located in the sea in Lacco Ameno).


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