It is so easy to find your way around Ios island that after just one day it will feel like home.

Ios island has three popular main locations: The Port, including Yialos Beach, Chora which is the main village, and Mylopotas Beach. When you arrive at the port you can see the outskirts of Chora on the top of the hill. It is 1.5km away which is about 5 minutes by bus, scooter or car, and around a 15 minute walk via the 800m “donkey steps”.

Useful Tip: We suggest walking down the donkey steps from Chora to the port as they are quite steep at some points going up. The view from the donkey steps over the port is breath-taking.

Public buses from The Port to Chora and Mylopotas beach run every 10 – 20 minutes (depending on low or high season) from 08:00 until midnight. The bus fare is 1.80€ one way, regardless of where you are going, and you buy the tickets on the bus. If you’re not at a bus stop and you see the bus coming, they will stop and pick you up if you wave them down. From the port the bus will take approx 5 minutes to Chora and then continues on to Mylopotas Beach (another 2.5km), or a five minute drive, or 20 minute walk. At Mylopotas Beach, buses stop at the beginning, middle and end of the beach. Or you can have a leisurely walk along the long, golden-sand beach.

During the Summer, public buses also go to Koumbara Beach every hour which is well worth a visit as it is a very beautiful beach with great scenery, and some nice restaurants.

If you want to take a day trip, you can catch the bus to Agia Theodoti Beach located in the middle north part of the island, or the famous Maganari Beach located at the southeast point of the island. Tickets to Agia Theodoti and Maganari cost 8€ return, and the journey takes around 30 minutes to Ag. Theodoti Beach and 50 minutes to Maganari Beach. The buses leave at 11am and 12pm from The Port, Chora and Mylopotas, and return at 5pm and 6pm. You buy your bus tickets on board the bus.

Useful Tip: If you are going to Agia Theodoti Beach make sure you take some water and snacks with you as there are no shops there.

At Maganari Beach you can find restaurants for snacks, drinks, lunch or dinner.

If you want to be more adventurous and explore the island by yourself you can rent a scooter or a quad bike (prices start from 15€) or a car (prices start from 30€). Rental places are all around the port, Chora and Mylopotas.

Useful Tip: Make sure you fill up with enough petrol as the only petrol stations on the island are around the port and Chora.

Another useful way to get from here to there and back is by by taxi. There are five taxis on the island, and they run 24/7. You can find taxi numbers in hotels, restaurants and bars. Most people will call a taxi for you if you ask them nicely!

We recommend visiting Koumbara Beach, Agia Theodoti Beach, Psathi Beach and Maganari Beach as they are all beautiful and unique!


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