Friday, August 12, 2022

We are Sophie and George – a couple that love to travel and blog.

Sophie and George, Backpacks and Postcards Travel Blog

Together we created Backpacks and Postcards, an online travel blog, to share our experiences from around the globe, and to hopefully inspire other people to explore this beautiful world that we live in! Sophie is from England and George is from Greece. We met on the beach on Ios island in Greece in July 2013 and since then we have travelled a lot, sometimes alone, but mostly together.

Writing this travel blog gives us the opportunity to share our experiences of different countries, cities, cultures, hotels, restaurants, bars and all the places we visit. By sharing our experiences and adventures we hope we can inspire others to travel, and have adventures of their own. We also hope to help you plan your trip and help you make the most of your travels by sharing our thoughts and tips, so you can make the best choices when it comes to travelling and exploring.